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Benefits of solar electricity

The price of electricity could double over the next two decades.

National Grid blames future rises in the cost of electricity on the number of coal-fired power stations being closed plus the cost of subsidising wind farms.

National Grid

Great investment

  • Earn £6,463 from government incentives.

  • Reduce your electricity bills by 50%

  • Up-to 12.5% return on investment – far better than most other investments

(updated 19/11/17)

Feel good

  • By lowering your carbon footprint.

Safeguard against future electricity price increases

  • By generating you own electricity you are less reliant on buying electricity from the grid. Lock yourself into a fixed price with solar.

Be self sufficient

  • By choosing our solar battery storage solutions.

  • We are a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer and installed the first non-test battery in the UK.

Electricity price index

Electricity price index graph

Source:  Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy