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Solar battery

Exciting new solar battery technologies are becoming more affordable and are revolutionising the way we use energy. Solar energy produced in the day can now be stored in batteries for use in the evenings and over night.

The development of lithium ion batteries means the system is virtually maintenance free and operates seamlessly in the background.  Batteries can also be hung on an outside wall for convenience.  Rapid cost reduction has now made batteries a realistic environmental and financial investment.

Totnes Energy installed the first “non test” Tesla Power Wall in the UK on 30 March 2016. This home used 331 units of electricity until 13 October 2106 – that’s over half a year for £56.
Tesla Powerwall solar battery storage

Step 1  –  Read our solar storage overview

The terminology of solar batteries explained with pictures of how each system operates.

Solar storage overview

Step 2  –  Choose a battery

The most important component about solar storage is the solar battery.  Expected battery life and warranty is extremely important.  Find out more in our battery review.

Solar battery review