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Solar electric car charger review

An automatic solar electric car charger is a way of storing solar electricity in your car.

They are different to standard electric charging units like the Podpoint or Chargemaster, since they automatically divert excess solar energy into your car.  They do not use grid energy unless you want them to.

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Zappi solar electric car charger

BMW Wallbox Pro

BMW Wallbox Pro solar electric car charger

BMW i Wallbox Connect

BMW i Wallbox Connect solar electric car charger

Keba C-Series

Keba C-Series solar electric car charger
  • Cost effective solution to diverting excess solar energy to charge your electric car.

  • Boost function – keeps the battery at a minimum charge level if there isn’t enough solar energy.

  • More functionality then the Zappi.

  • Tell it when you need the car on your phone and it will only charge using grid electricity if there is not enough solar.

  • The maximum permissible amount of electrical charge for an electric vehicle can be regulated based on a photovoltaic system, battery storage unit or
    heat pump.

  • No app yet so you cannot tell the charger when you need the car and how charged you need it.

  • This was manufactured for BMW by Schneider electrics, but BMW have discontinued this product.

  • Expensive.

  • Require smart home system, such as Loxone, to make the most use of PV energy.